Here is a list of projects I worked on in the past, or am working on now. Let me know what you think! =)


It's a simple puzzle game I wrote for Android. Surprizingly it currently has already over 1.5 million downloads! Check it out on your Android by searching for 'Plumber' or on this page:

Rhino IRC Daemon

Rhino is a small IRC daemon, built on top of libapr. Thanks to this project, I've learned a lot about the C programming language, UNIX and computer systems in general. Currently, I'm not actively developing Rhino anymore, but take a look at if you're interested.


It's a custom PHP application I've written for my dad and his collegues at HP Netherlands. They use it for administration purposes, and to quickly access available machines on their network. Download it here if you want.


Ubuntu Linux distribution, specialized for students of the Hogeschool Utrecht. I've worked on this project together with Coen Bijlsma and Matthijs Hoitink. See


Linux i386 kernelmode rootkit. Use with extreme care (I am NOT responsible for any damage of anykind). It can completely hide files, processes and network connections and it even hides itself from /proc/modules. Works by hooking into sys_calls_table. Download it here


Since summer 2008, I have worked on an tiny operating system called OpenExo. At the moment (januari 2009) it's very buggy, instable and incomplete. I have learned a lot from MIT's exokernel, Minix, Linux and other smaller operating systems on the net. With OpenExo, I'm aimed to build a small C++ exokernel for learning purposes. However, I discovered that exokernels can be very complex. After several months developing (and learning meanwhile), I decided to use the knowledge I gained to build a much more simple system (see FreeNOS). Take a look at MIT's page for more information about exokernels. The SVN repository should still be available, if you are interested.


Since early 2009, I started to write FreeNOS (Free NiekOS) from scatch, using only the simple and easy to understand source code from OpenExo. FreeNOS is a microkernel, so the kernel itself is very small indeed (currently <2K lines of source code!). It is written in C++, and is at the moment capable of running a small shell, on either a VGA or i8250 serial console. Feel free to checkout the SVN repository or visit the project website.

HBase on XtreemOS

For my bachelor graduate project at the Hogeschool Utrecht, I participated in the XtreemOS project to implement Apache HBase in XtreemOS. Apache HBase is an open source clone of Google BigTable. HBase uses XtreemFS as the shared storage in XtreemOS, and users can run HBase on the XtreemOS grid using the hbase-xos program I wrote. Read my thesis here if you're interested.

Intel Pro 1000 Ethernet Driver in MINIX

From september until december 2009 I worked on the Intel Pro 1000 driver for the MINIX 3 Operating System. I managed to get the driver working under Qemu and two real cards! Great fun! Read my final report here, and checkout the code yourself at the MINIX repository.

Journaling Support for the MINIX Filesystem

I implemented journaling support for the MINIX filesystem, based on previous work done by Stephen Tweedie on ext3fs for Linux. Download my final report here or look at the code in the SVN repository.

MINIX on the Single Chip Cloud Computer

My master graduate project at the Vrije Universiteit involved porting the MINIX3 operating system to Intel's Single Chip Cloud Computer. The SCC is an experimental new architecture by Intel, attempting to scale multicore systems to hundreds to thousands of cores on a single chip. Read my full thesis here.


See the fun page for a list of smaller programs and tools I've written.

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