Fun Programs

This is a collection of some small programs I've written, for fun and testing purposes. Enjoy!

Program Description
echo.s The standard UNIX echo(1) command, written in x86 assembly language.
echo.asm NASM version of echo.s
dhcprogue.tar.gz An extremly poorly written rogueā€¯ DHCP server. DANGER: I've wrote this program years ago (I don't even remember when). it's sources are not very beautifull. Nevertheless, it should allow you to trick another host on the network into thinking you are it's main gateway.
logger.tar.gz Keylogger which should work on Micro$oft windows XP, but I haven't tested it since long time. The concept is simple: start the logger, and start typing. It should keep a log of all keys entered.
bindtty.c Classical bindshell, which listens on a TCP/IP port. It has plaintext authentication, and no encryption,so it's insane to use it for anything serious.
prime.c Calculate prime numbers, using Sieve's algorithm. Very simple backup script, which I use pretty much every day to backup something quickly Creates an (encrypted) archive suitable for longterm storage
ascii.c Outputs an ASCII table.. how cute :) GNU make rules to compile C/C++ programs Include this with GNU make, to generate PDF's from LateX
return-to-eax.tar.gz Circumvent Address Space Layour Randomization (ASLR) patch in Linux, by pointing EIP to a JMP EAX instruction inside the .text section
return-to-ret.tar.gz Similar to ret-to-eax, but now using an extra RET
off-by-one.tar.gz Classical off-by-one saved stackframe overwrite, using ret-to-eax against ASLR
kernel-overwrite.tar.gz kernel NULL pointer trick, using mmap() NULL method to modify the current process' uid/gid to superuser
ticks.c Measure the performance overhead of a systemcall (in this case getpid()) using Intels RDTSC instruction
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